The Grass and the Wind

You look over the grass prairie.  It’s a hot day, with just enough of a breeze to keep it from being scorching hot.  The grass is tall, and soft, and thick, and luxurious.

You walk out on the prairie, lost in your own thoughts.  There’s no one around for miles; the entire world that you see is your own.  Nothing but the birds and the insects and the grass.

The grass is so thick your feet never touch the ground; the grass bends and holds your weight.  You reach down and press your palms into the grass and feel the soft strength of the grass. It bends without giving.

You look around to make sure you’re alone. There’s no one except the birds.  You lay your blanket out, take off your sneakers, socks, shorts and tank top.  You lay on top of the blanket, naked to the sun and the breeze, feeling the grass cushion.  You hear the gentle rustling of the wind in the grass and the distant screech of a bird.

You close your eyes. You stretch your arms out at your side, and you lay in a savasana pose.  You feel very relaxed, at peace.

The breeze blows gently across your naked skin.  You feel the heat on your nipples, across your thighs. It feels like a lover’s feather touch. You lay, unmoving, eyes closed.

The touch becomes more insistent. It teases your nipples, with slow sensuous circles, light flicks of breeze.  The heat of the sun warms your nipples and the touch cools them.

Your nipples are erect, excited.  The wind-tongue traces the valley between your breasts, and caresses your belly button.  It travels back up between your breasts, to your throat, touches that spot under your chin and makes its way back down, across your nipples to your belly.

It slowly feels its way down to your inner thighs.  It travels down and up, tracing the muscles under your skin, from mid-thigh to the fold of skin that promises more.  The touch is soft, unhurried, and insistent, like the sun and the wind.

The wind-tongue flicks its tip across the folds of your pussy, warm like the sun and cool like the wind.  It traces the most intimate places, explores the folds.

You’re relaxed and tense; relaxed from the warmth of the sun, the peace and quiet of the prarie, and tense because the wind-tongue is exploring you in places and ways you’ve never been explored.

The wind-tongue teases your clit, gently at first, then more and more as you respond.  It’s slow, unhurried, yet teasing as if taking pleasure from your pleasure and your yielding to its touch.  It slowly, slowly explores the opening of your pussy, pushing aside the sensitive folds there.

You feel your tension building, you feel your body respond, and yet you don’t want to move.  You want the wind to keep blowing across your nipples, cooling your skin, you want the wind-tongue to keep exploring.

The wind-tongue is more insistent, it finds your clit and you feel the warm sun, the cool breeze, and the gentle pressure of the wind, all at once.  You feel the wind swirl around your clit, the pressure building, slow, insistent.

The wind picks up a little bit, bringing a sudden small chill to your sun-warmed skin.  Your nipples respond to the change, and then the wind-tongue brings your focus back down to your pussy and your clit where the the wind now becomes demanding, wanting you to want more.

The wind-tongue flutters faster and faster, while you lose yourself in the sensations.

As the wind dies down, the wind-tongue sends you over the edge into a warm, glowing orgasm and you’re left on the blanket, relaxed, eyes closed, wondering what just happened.

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